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Are You A Post 9/11 Veteran Seeking Employment w/Honorable Discharge? - security - job employment

City: Treasure coast
Date: 08 Nov 2017
Category: Security

Are you a Veteran seeking employment? Would you like to bring in an additional $2500 a month? It's our mission to assist any Veterans you know who are in need of employment. Currently we are job placing 30-40 Veterans a month and we are at 94% job placement rate backed by the VA. This opportunity is a paid training to job placement in the field of Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Project Management. No prior experience or degree is required. The only requirements are an (Honorable Discharge after 2001 & 90 Days of Active Duty Service). If you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity contact Ray Desamour (Veterans Coordinator) directly at 561-578-4969.
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