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Social Media Intern - Part Time & Paid - art / media / design - job employment

City: North jersey
Date: 13 Nov 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design


We're in the business of accelerating outcomes in careers, entrepreneurial ventures, self-development and sales. Since we just launched we are on a budget and social media is incredibly important for us. This internship is about utilizing your expertise to maximize reach and impact on free platforms. We need someone that lives and breathes the internet, someone who has survived the depths of Twitter, the pits of reddit, the Minion Memes on Facebook. As renowned artist Aaliyah once famously asked, "are you that somebody?"

What You'll Do:

Your voice will be heard!
You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our COO and head of Marketing. In this capacity you will become an expert in one of our target markets (Baby Boomers, GenXers or Millennials). In doing this, it will be your responsibility to learn everything there is to know about said genre and what makes them click (words they use, places they shop, things they are interested, where they travel, what they talk about etc). You will then work to develop our social channels that generates quality traffic from social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Google+) to our campaigns and keeps us relevant in conversations happening around the world. It will become your responsibility to create compelling social media plans for sponsored campaigns as well as, engage with existing fans across our owned channels.

You will also have an opportunity to reach out to digital influencers and get them involved in our campaigns!

You'll Learn & Benefits:

You'll become a better strategic thinker
You'll learn a lot about optimization on content
You'll become an expert in one of the target generations
You'll learn the art and science of networking and all the benefits that come along with this paradigm.
Flexible hours, 10 -15 hours a week
College & High School students welcome
80% of the time you'll be able to work from home

What We're Looking For :

Someone incredibly passionate about building something meaningful and having true impact
Someone who is creative but can also take direction
Someone who is self-motivated and can multi-task
Someone who understands the internet and how our audience uses it

How To Apply:

Send in your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be 280 characters max, no exceptions.
Include answers to questions below, no longer than a paragraph for each. Show your critical and strategic thinking skills.
What have you done to standout on social media?
Explain an accomplishment of yours that you think would grab our attention

Job Type: Internship
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