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Accounting / Finance Savage Needed - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 06 Dec 2017
Category: Accounting & Finance

I believe in the power of Craigslist! So let's see how this goes..

Looking for a straight up savage who eats numbers for breakfast and knows. the heck. out of accounting and business finance. This is for someone who's interested in getting after it in a growing business that's going to continue to help a lot of people and continue becoming something awesome and huge.

With regard to accounting and finance, I've taken this company as far as I can with my undergraduate business accounting classes, Google sheets, and Quickbooks Online abilities. In order to properly grow from here, we'll need more outside experience to come in. Starting with small projects to get up and running, you'll be able to help us keep this growing ship running and flex your own growth muscles to learn and develop. This can, and if all goes well, will turn into a mission critical role where you'll be an integral part of the business.

We play in CPG, make high-quality daily consumable products that people purchase regularly, are in a growing market segment, and operations are rapidly scaling. New products, more raw materials (labels, packaging, UPC codes, everything) and it's time to make better systems to manage what's in the business (both from a money and materials perspective).

If this sounds like something you're weirdly into, then respect. This work is hard as shit and the faint of heart need not apply.

As long as you're committed to doing the work and growing while learning and tackling harder and harder challenges, we'll do the damn thing and it'll be good all around.

Efficiency, perseverance, and getting shit done is what we stand for. And setting huge goals.

Our team is spread out, so you can be close or far, as long as when it comes time to crush work, you can be counted on.

1. We don't use resumes because I believe they're not an effective way to summarize a person. If this leads to a back and forth email conversation, we'll both wind up Googling each other, followed by then phone call, in person meeting/interview, test project, first project, second project, and the rest is business history as we become better, stronger, more capable versions of ourselves.

If you're interested and think you've got what it takes, reply to this posting with the following:

-Subject line = Today's Date, How many numbers are in a standard US UPC code, favorite Pokemon, favorite pizza topping

Body -

2 sentences about why you're the best candidate for the opportunity. Make em count.

For each of the following: Copy and paste the section below into your email. Then put YES of NO if you have done/used these things. (note): Do not expect you to have anywhere near all YES answers below, but I definitely expect honesty. You'll get it from me.

Tools -

Quickbooks Online:
Quickbooks Desktop:
Google Docs:
Google Sheets:
Written Communication:
Verbal Communication:
Good at Texting:
Google Analytics:

Areas of Knowledge -

Inventory Management:
E-Commerce (general):
Selling physical goods (general):
Retail finance/accounting:
Amazon FBA finance/accounting:
Financial Forecasting (pro formas):
Margin analysis:
Managing Vendors:
Managing cash flow:
Investor Relations:
Real Estate:
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