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Nominee Director/Authorized Signatory Required for Subsidiaries - internet engineering - job employment

City: North jersey
Date: 17 Dec 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

e are looking for Nominee Director/Shareholder and Authorized Signatory Required for our subsidiaries in various industries.
you would be required to open bank accounts for the corporation and also would be responsible to manage the corporation's bank account on day to day basis to take care of the banking needs of the business. you will get either $5000 Per Month Salary or 5% of our daily revenues whatever you choose. you will be required to travel at any point of time if the business requires. you would be coordinating with the group Chairman or CEO on daily basis. Its your sole responsibility to transfer daily revenues to the parent company's account on daily basis without any delay. you will be paid all your travel expenses and any misc. expenses will be reimbursed by the company. People with prior business management experience preferred. No credit will be availed by the company with you as a personal guarantor. but you will need to open bank accounts contact us on 518-502-5345
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