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City: Sarasota-bradenton
Date: 22 Dec 2017
Category: Security


Police/Contract Security Business (Largo-Clearwater would be considered along with daily challenges and demands of the position.

Recently retired Ohio Police Chief with 40 years diversified accomplishments, significant specialized training experience, seeking security provider organization that has had enough of the warm body theory officers, or high turn over. Tired of training officers only to have them leave for an agency offering more pay?. Perhaps I can offer an easy resolve to your problems.

Contact me thru CL, I will screen and send my client to you; you establish a date and time for his interview. I am not charging any fees to anyone, this is a 100 gratis favor owed.

He has relocated and put down roots in the Sarasota Florida area with him paying fully for the move, as well as any initial licensing fees and training costs, so far just the D license he has, working on the G certification.

Private business, if you're looking for a professional, with consistent uniform presence, large frame male, who consistently represents you favorably to your customers, uniform pressed, clean shaven, contact me with your concerns. A first impression of your business to your customers is priceless. After 40 years of uniformed service he meets his commitments, image, and responsibility; on time and prepared, Reliable, dependable, always.

He is Seeking site supervisor capacity, or office administration position. . . One day per week, few days per week, what are your needs? Sales is not his not his forte, he is limited; continuous stairs, walking, significant distances that must be patrolled several times per shift create a difficult situation.

My client has experience in hiring, terminations that stand the test of labor relations challenges; solid background in establishing post order, protocol and policy, rules. . . an office capacity delving into payroll, hiring, terminations, repetitive discipline issues are his forte. Oversights, scheduling training, uniform logs and supplies, paperwork, representing the agency with walk ins favorably representing the agency.

A strong active hands on individual who visits sites prepared with laptop to document concerns. Identified deficiencies, establishes time frames with employee to repair deficiency, believes in follow up and follow thru, reevaluating the training, examining the employee, reducing the obstacle or eliminating the problem.

A truly mature senior and well seasoned law enforcement officer, offering a lifetime flawless driving and an unblemished criminal history.

Being committed to achieving a high quality service to the client and to supporting staff by means of a friendly demeanor with customer services.

Having relevant knowledge and skills. Instilling pride, gaining respect and trust;

Being self-motivated and willing to work with others; taking on tasks others shy away from

Being highly curious and inquisitive by nature;eager to take on new challenges and daily dilemmas to conquer.

Corporate security organizations, what challenges can you offer?

Contact me thru this ad; leave an organization name and a work phone number, or a business name.

A impressive resume is available for review, its rather lengthy, consisting of two pages cover letter, 3 pages of training, hours locations, tasks and projects taken on and their impressive results.

Recruiters and principals OK to contact me via CL.
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