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Senior Front End Software Engineer - internet engineering - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 01 Feb 2018
Category: Internet Engineers

We are building a set of tools to enable building and sharing mental models, a more efficient way to organize and share information than traditional tools like written documents and powerpoint presentations. Underpinning this effort is a theory in Systems Thinking called DSRP, the work of our academic partners at Cornell, who have spent the last decade studying how people understand and communicate about complex systems. These tools could be used to map any topic, from historical events, to components of a legal case, to how a combustion engine works, etc. We sometimes think of this as "Google Maps for information".

Come help us work through a bunch of fun/hard technical challenges: building interactive data visualizations, facilitating real-time collaboration, large-scale text understanding, searching a distributed knowledge base.

Our tech stack includes bespoke JavaScript, SVG, [S]CSS, Riot.js and some off-the-shelf helper libraries for interactive map building and visualization (but in our hearts we're framework agnostic); Redis / Node.js / WebSockets for real-time collaboration; MySQL for a source of truth; and some other tools and services around text-understanding and image processing in Python.

We really want to find the right person for this, and will compensate accordingly.

Check us out at, and if you're interested send us cover letter and resume to jobs at
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