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QA and customer support at audio plugin company - technical support - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 06 Feb 2018
Category: Technical Support

Goodhertz, Inc. is looking for someone who loves working with digital audio to help us part-time with customer support emails and quality assurance testing -- everything from helping a customer figure out why VSTs aren't showing up in Ableton on their computer, to running usability tests on upcoming releases, to helping us create presets for secret in-development audio plugins.

About Goodhertz: we are a small audio company based in the Northeast Los Angeles area (Highland Park, Pasadena). More about us on our website:

About the job: compensation is hourly depending on experience, and time commitment would be around 20 hours a week to start with (though there may be opportunity to expand on that).

About you: you have a lot of experience using plugins, and deep knowledge of at least one DAW (maybe two or three). You also have some customer support experience (whether it be in retail, food service, or digital products), and you live in the greater Los Angeles area (though the job would be mostly remote work). Bonus points: you use Windows 10 day-to-day (or are at least familiar with it).

To apply, send a short email to [email protected] Tell us a little about yourself, and also about one plugin that you love and one plugin that you don't love (but still use anyway) -- and don't be afraid to go into detail! We care deeply about our software, both sonically and visually, and we'd love to work with someone that shares our enthusiasm for details. Also, tell us about your favorite album released in 2017.
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