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Sleep Guidance and Product/Device Analyst - Work Remotely - writing / editing / translation - job employment

City: Indianapolis
Date: 12 Feb 2018
Category: Writing / Editing is a start-up sleep destination looking to educate readers on the benefits of proper sleep and variables that impact said sleep. We are seeking a candidate with over two years experience researching topics and writing online for our growing team.

The position will be on a contract basis working remotely. Compensation will be on a project basis or hourly based on both requirements as well as experience.

Key to this position is the ability to perform diligent research to create compelling content for the readers of Whether covering health related topics or sleep related products, the candidate must have a true devotion for researching and writing on these subjects. The creation of these authoritative resources and reviews will assist in growing the reader base of the site.

Crucial for this role will be the applicants desire and ability to perform far reaching online research on a wide variety of sleep topics. The applicant must effectively evolve into an expert on the topic of sleep through exploration and analysis of information already posted on the web whether in white papers, various commercial product websites or even forums.

Applicant will be expected to research and pen both editorial pieces, contribute to the Sleep Help blog, as well as commercial product reviews. Content created may also be needed for publication with other websites that has ties to.

Qualifications for Sleep Guidance & Product/Device Analyst:

Two plus years experience in writing/research/editing
Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Communications or other relevant major
Interested in research/writing on the topic of sleep heath
Experience editing, formatting and uploading content to WordPress
Experience collaborating on Google Docs
Use of an adaptive writing style to meet the needs of the assignment at hand
Former written contributions to larger media outlets

Project based or hourly depending on experience

In order to apply, please submit the following:
Cover Letter (no longer than eight sentences)
At least two research required writing samples that have been published online and showcase your abilities

Send email to: [email protected]
Subject Line: "SH Sleep Sleep Guidance Application - (name) Any applications not in said format will be discarded
Email Body: Along with resume, cover letter and writing samples, please provide the average number of hours you sleep on a normal night, and if there are any products that assist in bettering your sleep whether a specific mattress, blanket, pillow, white noise machine, etc.

Best of luck!
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